Overview: Students participating in the Greyrock Review internship (E487B) will receive 1 credit per semester for 40 hours of work. Interns meet with the Graduate Student Advisor every week for an hour, and they complete assignments outside of the scheduled meetings. Students can register for E487B for 1 credit per semester for up to 4 semesters.

During this yearlong internship, students learn the intricacies of publishing, promoting, and printing a literary journal. As a staff intern, you will be expected to attend weekly staff meetings, where you will discuss advertising, promoting submissions, reading poetry, fiction and nonfiction submissions, copy editing, writing acceptance and rejection notices, and whatever else may come across the Greyrock Review desk.

Backgrounds in editing and/or creative writing are preferable, though not necessary. Students are asked to commit to working on the journal for the entire academic year so that they are able to see the journal to completion.

Time Involvement With E487B: Students meet every week, reading and deciding on submissions before winter break. Interns will begin copy editing near the end of the break. The graphic designers and the editor spend more time working on the journal during the spring semester.

The fall semester is a lot slower than the spring semester. In the fall, students meet for one hour each week. In the spring, students will meet for an hour twice weekly. The staff will work to find a time during which everyone can meet.

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